Self Love

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Included in Self Love:

This 100% all-natural oil spray is made with soothing coconut oil and healing botanicals like calendula, lavender, and tea tree essential oils. For use on hair, skin, and nails!

The perfect catch-all for small gadgets and gizmos. Ideal for keys, palo santo bundles, and anything precious that wants attention.

Theses scrunchies are the throwback that will never go out of style. Gentle on any hair type. For staying in, working out, or going out! Women owned.

Secured by a screw-clasp closure, this heavy duty yet dainty brass key ring will keep it all together.

Designed by a female-owned company focused on eco-conscious living and giving, this vegan leather case is ideal for keeping jewelry and other small valuables safe.

Close your eyes and picture champagne brunch with this delightful bougie candle. Notes of strawberries, peach, sparkling wine, and white musk. Women owned.

Strike-on-glass matches to light up the night.

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