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Home is where this box is. Show you care with this beautiful array of natural and earthy keepsakes to awaken the senses. Pairs well with: house-warming celebrations and birthday surprises!

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Included in Sanctuary:

A glass bottle of essential oil and plant-based, hydrating hand soap with scents of meyer lemon, jasmine, and basil. Certified organic, cruelty/phlathate/paraben-free.

The perfect catch-all for small gadgets and gizmos. Ideal for keys, palo santo bundles, and anything precious that wants attention.

Sustainably harvested from naturally-fallen branches of the mystical Palo Santo tree, this bundle of "Holy Wood" cleanses and purifies any sacred space of the home or office.

Linen napkins made of natural flax fibers, hand-spun, and woven in India. Machine washable. Creative Women is a fair trade certified company committed to providing high quality jobs for their crafters, supporting them in health, education, and economic stability.

Secured by a screw-clasp closure, this heavy duty yet dainty brass key ring will keep it all together.

A gorgeous wooden box topped off with a simplistic lid - created to be repurposed and loved forever. Made by the hands of a real, live Los Angeleno wood-worker, our premium wooden boxes are the pride and joy of our company. No shortcuts made here.

Each of our gift boxes comes with a hand-written note. Select your greeting card and write your message below!

This gift box is currently out of stock, but will be back soon!