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Kinto masters the art of minimalism with this porcelain octagon mug, made perfect for sippin'. Made in Japan, dishwasher safe.

Linen napkins made of natural flax fibers, hand-spun, and woven in India. Machine washable. Creative Women is a fair trade certified company committed to providing high quality jobs for their crafters, supporting them in health, education, and economic stability.

Handmade in Los Angeles, these shortbread butter cookies are baked with roasted pistachio, fragrant rosewater and aromatic cardamom.

Melt-in-your-mouth goodness using only top notch ingredients, masterfully crafted by acclaimed Chef Ron Paprocki. 38% Swiss Alps Milk Chocolate made in Greenwich Village, NYC./span>

Set this classic dutch caramel stroop on top of a mug and allow the steam of the hot drink to gently warm it up to perfection. Enjoy a bite with every sip!

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