Hey Mama

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For the strong, fierce ladies in your life (they've worked hard and deserve a treat). Get them ready to roll up their sleeves, tie their hair back, and kick some ass! Pairs well with: expecting mamas, new moms, girlfriends, mother-in-law, and more!

*Customizations available - email us at hello@otwbox.com!

Included in Hey Mama:

Theses scrunchies are the throwback that will never go out of style. Gentle on any hair type. For staying in, working out, or going out! Women owned.

This 100% all-natural oil spray is made with soothing coconut oil and healing botanicals like calendula, lavender, and tea tree essential oils. For use on hair, skin, and nails!

Raspberry, pistachio, and delicate rose petals on top of smooth, rich white chocolate. A decadent chocolate bar handmade by Valerie Confections- the nation's top chocolatier.

Packaged in her iconic hexagon box, this bougie candle provides a clean and long-lasting burn. Notes of green leaves, rose, velvet musk, and amber.

Strike-on-glass matches to light up the night.

A gorgeous wooden box topped off with a simplistic lid - created to be repurposed and loved forever. Made by the hands of a real, live Los Angeleno wood-worker, our premium wooden boxes are the pride and joy of our company. No shortcuts made here.

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This gift box is currently out of stock, but will be back soon!