Fan Faves

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Voted Valedictorian of their class. You just can't go wrong with these tried & true faves.

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Included in Fan Faves:

This incredibly designed glass travel mug keeps your favorite drinks hot or cold. It's double-walled y'all.

Packaged in her iconic hexagon box, this bougie candle provides a clean and long-lasting burn. Notes of green leaves, rose, velvet musk, and amber.

Milk chocolate-covered espresso beans perfectly mixed with dark chocolate-covered biscotti caramel bites. Bringing you your favorite cup of coffee into the palm of your hands.

Secured by a screw-clasp closure, this heavy duty yet dainty brass key ring will keep it all together.

Strike-on-glass matches to light up the night.

A gorgeous wooden box topped off with a simplistic lid - created to be repurposed and loved forever. Made by the hands of a real, live Los Angeleno wood-worker, our premium wooden boxes are the pride and joy of our company. No shortcuts made here.

Each of our gift boxes comes with a hand-written note. Select your greeting card and write your message below!

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