Entertainer Mini

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Curate the perfect spread of artisanal textures and flavors and start grazing. Pairs well with: House-warmings, birthday surprises, and special care packages!

*Customizations available - email us at hello@otwbox.com!

Included in Entertainer Mini:

Milled & bottled in Dayton, Oregon, this unique 2-in-1 stack of premium olive oil is infused with lemon and orange.

Crackers that are kept simple so you can taste the grain. None of that processed stuff. Great flavor all on their own, but also pair well with soft cheeses and spreads.

Spreadable cheese that pairs perfectly with crackers, breadsticks, and artisan crisps.

Highest quality olives are hand harvested and processed in small batches in barrels. The perfect bite of a traditional olive recipe with herbs and red peppers. Cured the natural way with just water and salt. No dyes, preservatives or overwhelming vinegar like other supermarket olives!

A gorgeous wooden box topped off with a simplistic lid - created to be repurposed and loved forever. Made by the hands of a real, live Los Angeleno wood-worker, our premium wooden boxes are the pride and joy of our company. No shortcuts made here.

Each of our gift boxes comes with a hand-written note. Select your greeting card and write your message below!

This gift box is currently out of stock, but will be back soon!