What to Gift Your Girlfriend, Best Friend, and Mother-In-Law

What to Gift Your Girlfriend, Best Friend, and Mother-In-Law

What to Gift Your Girlfriend, Best Friend, and Mother-In-Law

We know that thinking of what to gift the special ladies in your life can be a bit daunting and stressful, maybe even a bit complicated.
But the secret is, girls just want to know that you're thinking of them, are listening to their wants and needs, and want to feel special and loved! 

Before you begin scouring the internet with phrases like "gift ideas for her," "what to gift your mom," or "fool proof gifts for girlfriend," take some time to reflect on a few encounters you've had with your lady.
Searching the internet helps, but no one knows your girl like you do.

Think about moments when she lit up because she enjoyed something so much. Was it a meal? Was it a TV show? A special day, just the two of you?
Think about what she might need. Is she running low on her favorite mascara? Eye contact solution? It can be practical too! Like, we're down to get a restock on some Sensodyne toothpaste (with a lil bow on it).


Here are some helpful tips for when you're gifting for Her:

1. Food & Treats

What is her favorite food? What is her favorite restaurant? Where did you go for your first date? When she's having a bad day, what does she eat?
If you're planning her gift in advance, this is a good time to track what she's genuinely enjoying eating. 
We've said it once and we'll say it a thousand times over, the stomach is the key to the heart! 😉
Things to look out for: happy dances when she eats and excitement when the Postmates driver is arriving.

We recommend The Sweet Celebration gift box, if you're looking for something she'll not only enjoy eating, but enjoy an entire experience! This box stimulates the senses with an amazing fragrance, right when you open the wooden box! 
It includes a mini dried floral bouquet that will last forever, shower steamers, a lovely candle, a jewelry box, and shortbread👏 butter👏 cookies👏. 



2. Something Useful & Practical

Take a look around and see what she's running low on. Some girls like shiny, pretty, precious goodies (all power to her), but some ladies appreciate a practical gift too. You know what would be really awesome, if you saw that she was running low on her favorite face mask and you gift her a new pack! 
Even better you noticed her reusable travel mug was looking rusty-crusty and upgraded it to a Kinto To-Go Tumbler for her! 
Think: what does she use every day that might need a restock or an upgrade?

Does she drink coffee everyday and enjoy her me-time #selfcare moment in the morning?
Let her know you respect that! If you need help: The Early Riser gift box comes with small-batch, premium quality beans roasted right here in Los Angeles by Be Bright Coffee, a beautiful Japanese porcelain mug by Kinto, a golden tea spoon, caramel stroopwafels, and vanilla bean sugar cubes!



3. Help Her Relax

Chances are she's put up with a lot of (your) shenanigans. We all know a lot of boss ladies in our lives who deal with a lot, and you wonder how in the world does she do it all??? Let's give her a treat that will help her recharge, relax, and replenish. She deserves a moment (and more) to herself to destress and unwind!

We suggest running her a warm bath, turning on this Relaxing Massage Playlist on Spotify, and gifting her The Hey Mama which comes with a decadent white chocolate bar with roses & pistachios by Valerie Confection, soothing coconut oil for hydration and self-care, a bougie candle with scents of vintage roses & amber, and a set of colorful scrunchies! You're about to get some serious brownie points.. you're welcome! 



Overall, it's more meaningful when the gift item is personal and creates a memorable and forever experience. 

We're rooting for you! Good luck 😊