How to Show Appreciation for Teachers This Season!

How to Show Appreciation for Teachers This Season!

How to Show Appreciation for Teachers This Season!

Virtual learning has been a struggle for everyone this year. Parents are struggling to find a balance between their never ending zoom meetings while making sure the kids are safe and paying attention to their classes. Our teachers are working harder than ever; they are challenged with providing the same quality lessons in virtual classrooms. They're put to the stress of not only re-planning their lessons virtually, but spending endless hours with parent-teacher check ins and working over time to find creative ways to keep students engaged. 

Now, more than ever, our teachers are our true heroes.  Where would we be without them? For many students, teachers are role models, guidance counselors, friends, and most of all, the only constant during this time of rocky uncertainty. 

3 Gifts to show your appreciation this holiday season to the teachers that have supported our children.

Here's how you can help teachers during this pandemic:


1. A boost of energy & warmth

The Vorda ceremonial matcha powder mix is hand-picked by the onthewaybox team- it's the highest quality, ceremonial grade matcha powder, harvested from the shadows of Mount Fuji. We love that it's lightly sweetened and makes the perfect combo with Oatly Oat Milk - served hot or iced. This is sure to give our dedicated educators the boost of energy and warmth that they need! 

The Vorda ceremonial grade matcha powder is included in our The Ritualist gift set along with a double-walled mug, Makabi + Sons Uji Cookies, ontheway Bamboo Whisk, onethway Gold Tea Spoon, and STRW Bamboo Straws


2. Something extra nice 

We have major heart eyes for this Mojave Burlap Napkin Set by Atelier Saucier, a modern sustainable linen design house where the planet is their priority. This napkin set is made from 100% reclaimed fabric with bold earthy tones. This will be sure to wipe away all the sweat and tears your teachers have shed this year! 

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3. Bitter turned sweet

Think your teach probably had enough this year? Turn this bitter school year sweeter with this Raw Manuka Honey from Activist. These people hold their honey to the highest honey standard. Based in New Zealand and certified non-GMO. Add it in tea, use as a nourishing facemask or simply take one spoonful daily to boost the immune system. 

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No idea where your teachers live? Many our teachers are working physically at their school while casting their lessons virtually via zoom. Either that or they are stopping by their headquarters and checking in once a week. Send these gifts directly addressed to the school with your favorite teacher’s name!