Our Launch Week Updates!

Our Launch Week Updates!

Our Launch Week Updates!

It's been quite the ride to say the least. 

There is no one word that can truly describe how we feel about 2020.
We are a group of friends who have been directly impacted by the affects of the Covid-19 pandemic. We know we aren't alone when we say that the majority of us have lost our jobs, leaving us unsure of where the rest of the year would take us. 
Amidst the uncertainty of practically everything around us, we're lucky to say that our friendship and support for each other have kept us grounded - that and making banana bread and becoming full-time plant parents. It's life's simplest pleasures, you know?


Birthday: Cancelled. Wedding: Postponed.

Going on month TEN (let that sink in, folks) of quarantine, we've missed out on a bunch of our own and our loved ones' biggest milestones. Birthday plans immediately became "cancelled" and weddings re-routed and postponed.. we even had an elopement in our team! 
Realizing how difficult it was to stay connect to our friends, colleagues, and community during these weird ass times, we wanted to create a new and fun way to celebrate with the ones we love most from afar.
We put our heads (and technical skills) together and gave birth to our lil behbeh, onthewaybox!


Not just another gift box company.

Onthewaybox is not just another gift box company. We take this feat seriously and have thought far and wide about all the nitty-gritty details. From our website design, packaging, names of our boxes, and most importantly- the products that we source.
We spent several months taste-testing all sorts of small-batch foods and drink items from unique and independent makers (the worst part ever!).
We're confident that we found the tastiest items that complement each other perfectly. We are so excited to be able to share these gifts with you and the people you celebrate with.

Our gift boxes are special. They're re-purposeful, handmade, durable and locally-sourced right here in sunny Los Angeles. These beautiful wooden boxes are designed to be a forever gift that can be upcycled into planters (hello fellow plant parents!), wooden frames, storage boxes, and more! We're working on some easy, attainable content for you RIGHT NOW as we speak, to share ways on how to personalize your box! 


Grind don't stop.


We are pulling all-nighters and working around the clock to make this dream into a reality. This dream is to stay connected, celebrate, and show some love and appreciation, no matter the distance. It's sending a thoughtful care-package to someone in their time of need. It's gifting your neighbor who's had a particularly tough year. It's congratulating your newlywed friends who've just moved into their first place together. All in all, it's saying "good things are ontheway."

We hope you will consider us when you celebrate your next special someone. 
We're here for you in any occasion! 
Let's celebrate!


-From all of us at OTWbox