Gifting Tips for Any Occasion

Gifting Tips for Any Occasion

Gifting Tips for Any Occasion

Sending thoughtful gifts can be daunting. If you're like us at OTWbox, we want to send something that is practical, personal, reusable and fun! Here are a few helpful tips to make your gifting process easier. 


Send something reusable.  

Picking the right gift can be tough. Will they like it? More importantly, will they use it? The focus on (everyday) usability is great because the more the person can use the item, the longer the person will appreciate the gift (& the gifter)!

When sending a gift, think about what your giftee might use often or on a daily basis. What's something they will use over and over again?
We love items such as kitchen utensils (tongs, pans, etc.), olive oils, herbs and salts, skincare devices, electronics, mugs and tumblers, or room décor. The idea is to gift something they will use almost everyday.



Send something they can snack on! 

Everyone has a mouth... feed it! The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. Gift something to expand their tastebuds. Share with them unique and local brands that produce in smaller and higher quality. This way, they'll always remember you for introducing them to their new favorite treats!

Every celebration is centered around delicious food. We remember the good foods we ate at weddings, we center our birthday parties around our favorite dishes, and we head to the best restaurants in town when we hit a huge milestone. So why not send the same experience in a present-form?


Check out our best-selling, snackable, party-in-a-box gift set, The Entertainer!



Send a gift with a personalized greeting. 

Sometimes the message in the card you write mean more than the gift itself! Some people just have a knack for writing personalized greeting cards. Unfortunately, it's not for everybody. Your greeting card should make your giftee feel loved, appreciated, and connected to you. Here is what you can include in your greeting card.

  • State the occasion:
    Include the occasion you are celebrating in the greeting.
    For example:
    "Happy Birthday!"
    "Happy Anniversary"
    "Thank you for your business"
    "Congrats on the new house!"
    "Welcome to the team!"
    "Congrats on your engagement!"
  • Then, include your personal thought of endearment.
    Here, you want to compliment and show them how much you care.
    For example:
    "I can't wait to see the new place!"
    "Hope we can celebrate together and share a drink soon!"
    "Thank you for inspiring me and supporting me."
    "So happy you two tied the knot!" 
    "Your friendship brings me joy everyday."
  • Lastly, sign off with well wishes. 
    For example:
    "May your love last a lifetime."
    "Best wishes for a happy life together."
    "To a better new year!"
    "Thank you for your dedication to the team!" 
    "Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


Remember, anything you send with good intentions and with a lot of heart, your giftee will see it and appreciate it.

Don't forget to have fun in the process! Cheers!