Three Ways to Serve Camembert Cheese

Three Ways to Serve Camembert Cheese

Three Ways to Serve Camembert Cheese

We're going nuts for this spreadable camembert cheese from Jocelyn and Co.- included in our very own onthewaybox The Entertainer. Camembert cheese is similar to brie with a earthy, rich, and buttery favor.


Here's 3 ways you can serve up your Camembert Cheese Spread.


1. Serve with your charcuterie board

Up your cheese platter game by mixing up the textures and adding this spreadable cheese next to your regular cheddar, Havarti, and gouda. 
Throw on some freshly sliced prosciutto and salumi from your local deli. Add some crispy water crackers and you're golden! 


2. Spread it in your sandwich

We love this camembert cheese spread in a sandwich with turkey, red onions, and avocado. The cheese introduces a buttery, creamy taste with a deep flavor that will accent any sandwich! 



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3. Mix it & dip it

Serve it as a dip for crackers and vegetables. Create your own artisanal dip with camembert cheese and impress your guests… or mother in law. Use the package of Jocelyn and Co’s camembert cheese and simply add dill, dried oregano, dried basil, freshly chopped chives, thyme and parsley. We loved adapting this recipe with camembert cheese from TheCookieRookie

We added our own little twist by baking it at 350°F for 10 min and turned on the broil for the last minute! Ready to serve warm with your favorite crisps. 


Pictured above: The Entertainer gift set